Ministry Teams

Christian Education – Promotes a comprehensive program of instruction and enables participants to continue learning God’s love. This team plans education for children, youth, and adults.

Employee Relations – Provides a forum where employees of the church might discuss problems, questions, concerns, and ideas regarding their positions.

Evangelism – This team tries to deepen the faith and spiritual life of every member of the church as well as sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and offering extravagant hospitality to our members and guests alike.

Finance & Budget – This team oversees the financial life of the congregation; develops an annual budget that is presented to the congregation; and presents a comprehensive financial analysis to be included in the Annual Report.

Mission Awareness – Informs and makes the congregation aware of the entire mission and outreach of our church.

Music & Worship – Secures participants in the worship service such as acolytes, greeters, and ushers. The team also assists in the initiation of musical programs and determining of the forms of worship used and arranges special worship services from time to time.

Nominations – Secures nominees for Elder, members to fill vacancies on the Ministry Council, Youth Representative, and members to serve on the Pastoral Relations and Employee Relations Ministry Teams as required.

Pastoral Relations – Assists the Pastor in achieving the greatest effectiveness possible in our congregation. They determine the functions and responsibilities of the Pastor and annually evaluate the Pastor’s performance.

Property – Schedules building improvements and repairs and updates the latest inventory list. They also keep a running log of maintenance needs and do general maintenance around the church.

Social Ministry – This team regularly plans activities that involve members for the purpose of community and fellowship. They oversee and organize community events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Penny Party, and other social activities.

Stewardship – Promotes the faithful giving on one’s time, finances and energy and seeks to continually educate our congregation about the relationship between God’s gifts to us and our gifts to God.

Youth Representative – Reports at Ministry Council meetings and acts as a liaison between all youth groups and the council. May also be the youth delegate to the annual Penn Northeast Conference Meeting.

Nursery School Representative – is a liaison between the Nursery School and the Congregation.

Women’s Guild Representative – is a liaison between the Guild, whose purpose is to further the work of the church by their contribution and involvement in some of the churches worthy causes. This organization began as the Ladies Aid Society in 1922.

Ministry Council – The Ministry Council coordinates ministry and mission through the ministry teams and various bodies in the church.

2019 Ministry Council

Moderator – Mark Griffith

Vice Moderator/Employee Relations – open

Recording Secretary – Sue Borger

Financial Secretary – Diane Borman

Treasurer – Bonnie Marmon

Pastor – Pastor Judy K. Brandon

Christian Formation – open

Evangelism – open

Finance – Glenn Horlacher

Mission Awareness – Janine Hensinger

Music and Worship – Ben Gulledge

Nominations – open

Pastoral Relations – open

Property – Lee Stephens

Social – open

Stewardship – open

Spiritual Council

Members of Spiritual council discuss and devise plans to quicken the spiritual life of the congregation. The council consists of the Pastor and elders elected to serve: Linda Altrichter, Jane Kintzer, Randy Seyler, Nancy Snyder, Bob Thomas, and Ray Ward.