Sunday School

We currently offer a multi-age Sunday School program for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade. We meet September through May from 9-10 a.m. Our hour usually includes a short Bible lesson and a related activity, game, or craft. In addition, we join our Director of Music Ministry on the first Sunday of the month to sing various types of music from traditional Sunday School songs to Rock-inspired Faith music.

Adults may participate in Bible Study or book or film discussion groups as decided by class interest. New opportunities will be announced in our monthly newsletter, The Echoes.

Christian fellowship is an integral part of our life at United Church of Christ, Greenawalds. It is our time for building relationships that find their roots in a common faith in our savior, Jesus Christ, and through which we are able to share and grow in our faith.


The rite of Confirmation is open to anyone 13 years old or entering the eighth grade. The Class meets beginning in September, with Confirmation Sunday typically held on Pentecost. Confirmands are expected to attend weekly classes, worship every Sunday, attend both regularly scheduled congregational meetings (November and February), and work with a sponsor. Students may be asked to assist in leading worship in various capacities throughout the course of the year. Students are strongly encouraged to attend Sunday School regularly.