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Bible Study Beginning October 18, 2021

Tell me more about the Bible! Who wrote each book? For whom was it written? What does the style of each book tell us about its content and the reason it was written? What is its message? We will look at this and more in three six-session units. Whether you are a serious lifelong student of the Bible or delving into what is contained in its pages is new to you, you are invited to join in this study of the Bible. The study was written by Rev. Anne Robertson and is published by the Massachusetts Bible Society.


The sanctuary is open for our 10:30am worship service. Zoom will still be offered for those of us who wish to continue to worship from home. If you would like to join us please contact the pastor for  links and passwords. Send your name and telephone number to pastor@uccgreenawalds.org We will give you a call. 

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